For the October 2015 issue of Miss Vogue,  we sent Vogue‘s resident cat lover Sarah Harris to visit. Fierce.


Cats are in. Lately, the fashion world has enjoyed a big flirtation with felines: cue Karl Lagerfeld and his sapphire-blue-eyed Choupette, a white fluffball Birman who has more than 100,000 Twitter followers and reportedly earns £2 million a year; then there is Grumpy Cat, a film-star kitty with 800,000 Instagram followers; of course there is the original cat lover, American Vogue’s Grace Coddington, with her pampered cats, Bart and Pumpkin; and just two months ago Lara Stone posed with a sooty-faced kitten on Vogue’s August cover. But the ultimate cat experience has to be this: a two-day stay at Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation, the Mexican sanctuary set up by Eduardo Serio to rescue big cats from sad circumstances – illegal breeders, zoos and circuses – and give them a better life.