Color is a universal, nonverbal language that we all intuitively know how to speak.However, to most people; color psychology is a strange subject.How color affects your mood is considered a subject to be discussed only by the experts who we believe must have been born and raised to decipher the effects of color on emotions and behavior.To some extent, this could be true since for years, scientists have conducted extensive research on the effect of color on mood and they have come up with several theories to back this claim.


However, the fact that scientists have been deeply engrossed into the study of color psychology does not mean you should not consider getting to know the basics.Color is light and the good thing about color is that it is one of the few things not as heavily influenced by age, gender and culture as is generally thought.

So how does color affect your mood? Well, colors trigger certain emotional responses based on what the color is associated with or your experience with that color.

In short, a color can either accentuate certain feelings in you if it elicits memories and emotions that coincide with the kind of mood you are in or change the mood you are in by triggering a different emotion.Therefore, having a little understanding of how colors work can be of great benefit to you in deciding what color clothing to wear in order to achieve a great feeling for yourself as well as those around you.

In this article, we shall look at various colors and the effects they have when incorporated in your dressing.

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#1 – Orange 

In relation to emotion, mood or feelings, orange is a happy color.

This color can aid boost your self-esteem and also improve your enthusiasm for life. Research finding have further indicated that orange can strengthen both your immune and digestive system.If you are under emotional exhaustion, try mixing this color with white to get peach and apricot which will help relieve you of your emotional stress.

#2 – Yellow

If you are one of those people who view the glass as half empty, this is the color you need to start incorporating in your dress code.

Yellow is associated with hope and the people who fancy wearing yellow have been found to be very optimistic.  Additionally, research findings indicate that yellow brings happiness and ensures clear headedness.


#3 – Green

When you are going through a bad day full of mixed emotions and you feel out of place or confused, a soothing is definitely what you need and that is just what the color green will bring you.

This color is also known to assist you be more understanding to the people around you as well as provide a relaxed feeling to your mind and body.

#4 – Blue

Blue is the color is associated with the sky and no one can dispute the fact that it is a calming color.

This color is also great at promoting clear thinking as well as inspiring creative thinking.However, the calming effect brought about by wearing blue depends on the shade of blue you select.If you want a deeper connection with your feminine side, or a better connection with your gut, go for a darker shade of blue.According to Feng Shui, blue is considered an energy color and even research findings indicate that wearing blue promotes productivity, harmony and good chi.

If you want to convey a conservative feeling, blue is the color to consider as it depicts loyalty, stability and dependability.

#5 – Red

This color is considered an ironic color depending on how you see it. For starters, red is associated with intense emotion.

If you are in search of attention, this is the color to go for in your dressing. However, the fact that red is used as an accent color makes it promote fiery feelings of power, aggression or war.On the other hand, this color is associated with love, passion and desire.

All in all, it depends on how you see it. To generate a more tranquil energy field, you can try out varying shades of red such as pink.



In closing, now that you know how color affects your mood, always remember that the color of the clothes you wear every day can speak volumes of your inner mood.

Therefore, choose your dressing colors carefully but always try to stick to the colors that you are most comfortable in.